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Minda’s AI-based vocal health screening software is an online platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and natural language processing to analyze speech patterns and detect any potential issues with a person’s physical, mental, social health issues just from the comfort of your home.

The software uses your smartphone to record your voice, and then AI algorithms process the recording to detect any potential issues with your vocal health. You will receive a detailed analysis of your vocal health, which can help you identify any physical, mental, social health problems and take steps to improve your vocal health.

The software can detect a variety of vocal health issues, including hoarseness, vocal strain, and other common vocal health problems.

Yes, you can use the software on any smartphone with internet access.

No, you do not need to provide any personal information to use the software.

Our software is designed to provide accurate and reliable results. However, it is important to note that it is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

The results of the analysis can help you identify any problems with your vocal health and provide you with personalized exercise and training programs to improve your vocal health.

About Minda's Vocal Health Screening Online

Minda’s mission is the future of medicine will be the medicine of frequencies, minda’s AI technology helps to monitor holistic health through your voice which transform your smartphone into a health screening device powered by AI technology

Following are the 3 ways which shows the minda’s evolving the health care sector
through its innovation which includes:   


   Big Data And AI
      ● Working Together
      ● We are able to detect subtle energetic imbalances in the body using a unique
      ● Voice Analysis Algorithm.   


   Vocal Biomarker Technology
      ● Medicine Of Frequencies
      ● Vocal Biomarker Technology
      ● Detection of more than 11,000 health issues as well as DNA/RNA related issues
        through Vocal Biomarker Technology with 95% accuracy.   


 Vocal Health Screening Report
      ● Easy-to-Read
      ● Screening Report
      ● Cut through the medical jargon and easily understand your current holistic
        health condition for further action.

A number of factors can be used to prove the value of Minda’s vocal health screening
online. The following benefits of vocal health screening tests typically follow the most
significant since they act as therapy guides for individuals:
    ● Determines underlying issues
    ● Helps in early detection
    ● Allows focus on crucial areas
    ● Assists in practicing preventive care
    ● Detects symptoms before complications
    ● Puts health in check

Minda's vocal health screening online analysis follows simple steps where no blood is
needed, no needles and not even saliva, just your voice for monitoring your holistic
health. By using big data and AI for precise results and easily readable screening
reports, they are revolutionizing the way that health conditions are monitored and
screened, for patients, and vocal biomarker technology for detecting health status
through voice frequencies.