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Vocal Biomarker Analysis
Physical Health Mapping

Using machine learning algorithms to evaluate speech patterns and vocal characteristics, AI based vocal biomarker analysis can identify potential problems with a person’s vocal health, such as hoarseness, polyps, or nodules. Utilizing equipment like stroboscopy or ultrasound, the voice chords can be physically mapped to do this. As a person talks, these technologies record images of the vocal cords, enabling a thorough investigation of the vocal cords’ motion and operation. Frequency health analysts and other medical practitioners can utilize this technology to detect and diagnose concerns with physical health early on and to track the effectiveness of treatment.

Mental Health Mapping

Vocal biomarker analysis based on AI utilizes machine learning algorithms to identify potential issues with a person’s vocal health, but it focuses on the mental mapping of the vocal qualities rather than speech patterns and physical vocal characteristics. Looking at the emotional state, degree of stress, and other mental factors that could affect the voice will help with this. With the aid of this technology, speech therapists and other medical professionals may recognise and diagnose mental health and psychological issues, as well as monitor the efficacy of treatment .

Social Health Mapping

While using machine learning algorithms to identify possible problems with a person’s vocal health, vocal biomarker analysis focuses on the social mapping of a person’s vocal characteristics rather than speech patterns, physical features, or mental vocal qualities. This can be accomplished by examining the social setting, the individual’s line of work, cultural upbringing, and other social variables that may influence the voice. Speech therapists and frequency health analysts can utilize this technology to recognise and diagnose vocal health concerns linked to social and cultural factors as well as to track the effectiveness of treatment.

Minda's Vocal Health Screening Online

The Future of Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies

Monitoring your holistic health through your voice. Minda’s vocal health screening online uses AI technology to turn your smartphone into a health-screening tool.

The use of frequencies in medicine will be the way of the future. This new form of medicine will use voice frequencies which heal the body, mind, and spirit. It will be based on the concept that all living organisms have a specific frequency and that by using the right frequencies, we can affect the body’s healing process. This type of medicine will be able to treat a wide range of conditions and diseases, from physical to mental and emotional. It will be a holistic approach to health, focusing on the whole person rather than just the physical body. The medicine of frequencies will be an exciting and revolutionary way to treat many illnesses and ailments in the future. It will be a powerful tool for medical professionals to use in order to provide the best possible care.

Frequency Health Analyst
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Unlock the value of Vocal Biomarker Technology through data visualisation and automation to clients around the world.

MINDA’s VOCAL BIOMARKER TECH  has the ability to analyse your health status in just 3 minutes. It works by analysing emotional imbalances and how the brain controls the process of fighting neurological conditions leading to physiological dysfunctions. 

With the follow-up of a Frequency Health Analyst, we scale how much each physical and / or neurological dysfunction are requiring efforts of the brain and identify how often it is trying to solve each dysfunction.

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